Who is she, anyway?

I love listening to kids when they’re talking to each other. I’m not sure whether it’s the words they use to describe things, or the advice that they try to pass on to each other, but it just cracks me up. The best conversations definitely happen when they have no clue whatsoever that you’re even listening to them.

Lately, we’ve had some conversations taking place around here that are pure gold. Sometimes I think about recording some of their conversations and playing them back to the boys when they’re all grown up, but the problem is that I never have any warning. It’s a real pity, too, because one time I overheard Fin saying that he is never going to get married because ‘girls are too confusing’ and he’s ‘just going to live on his own because then he doesn’t have to share his vanilla ice cream with anyone’. I’m sure some future girlfriend or wife would just love to hear that! She’ll just have to take it from me, the over-talkative and over-sharing mother-in-law, that he definitely said that he isn’t going to share his ice cream with anyone.

This weekend, Auntie Liz came to visit. Now, Auntie Liz isn’t actually the boys’ aunt, but she is Fin’s godmother and she surely is like family to us. She also takes it really well when the boys run down to the basement at seven o’clock on a Sunday morning to bounce all over her bed like a court of kangaroos (On a side note, good old Google has confirmed that multiple kangaroos is, in fact, called a ‘court’. Just doing my part to increase your knowledge base today. You’re welcome.) and feed her breakfast in bed (which is actually plastic food from our toy kitchen, but she plays right along and acts impressively enthusiastic about pretending to eat fake donuts).

Just before Auntie Liz was due to arrive, Fin was blowing bubbles outside with a little boy from down the street.

“My Auntie Liz is coming to visit us.” I overheard Fin telling the little boy as he dipped his bubble wand into the bottle.

“From where?” the little boy asked.

“Edmonton.” Fin told him. “It’s really far away.”

“How far?”

“You don’t have to fly there, but it’s almost at the top of Canada.” Clearly we need to work on his geography a little bit.

“Who is she?” the little boy asked.

“Oh, she’s my Auntie Liz. I just said that.” Fin told him again, blowing some bubbles into the sky.

“Is she your mom’s sister?”

“No.” Fin replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Is she your dad’s sister?”

“No.” Fin said again, shaking his head.

“Huh.” The little boy looked confused. “Then why is she your auntie?”  I had no clue that kids are so concerned with fine details and family trees. This little boy is clearly going to be either a detective or a prosecutor when he grows up.

Fin put down the bubble wand and looked up at his friend. “I don’t really know.”

“Then why do you call her your auntie?” Man, this kid was persistent.

“Well, she’s like my God-something.” Fin said as he resumed blowing bubbles. I was in the garage taking groceries out of the car while this conversation was going on. It took everything in me not to yell out “Godmother”. I’m so glad that I didn’t because what they were about to say was fabulous.

“She’s your what?”

“She’s, like, my God or something. I’m not really sure what it’s called. My God-something.”

“She’s your God?!!” the little boy asked, his eyes as wide as they could possibly go. He was becoming more and more interested in this Auntie Liz.

“Yeah, that’s it.” Fin replied oh-so-casually. “She’s my God.”

The little boy set down his bubble wand on the driveway and stared up at Fin, his mouth hanging open. Eventually, he managed to say “Whoa” under his breath.

“I know,” Fin said “It’s pretty nice.”

“You have a God!” The little boy shouted out, still unable to fully close his mouth.

Fin shrugged his shoulders again and continued blowing bubbles. I can just imagine the stories that will take place at school tomorrow about Fin’s Auntie Liz. I’m going to suggest that she adds that title to her resume and LinkedIn profile…because it’s pretty impressive if you’re someone’s God.

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